Counter-Strike 1.6 The Pirate Bay (TPB).

Counter Strike 1.6 The Pirate Bay version logo.

CS 1.6 TPB - It's a freeware Counter Strike 1.6 game version which was released few years ago by TPB (full project name - The Pirate Bay) team. TPB was a one of most largest torrent trackers in the world, they shared their unique Counter Strike 1.6 game versions with their visitors/users for free, but now no one CS 1.6 player cant download CS TPB game version from official page, because FBI closed The Pirate Bay website some time ago, so for this reason we decided to share Counter-Strike 1.6 TPB setup file with our visitors.
This version of the game have all known bugs fixed and all important updates installed, if you want to know this game setup file version properties, please read it here:
CS 1.6 TPB properties: This version of the game is most unique from all other Counter Strike 1.6 game modifications, in this version of the game you will see unique players and guns skins modified by TPB team, CS 1.6 TPB models have HD graphic, so gameplay will be much more beautiful and unique, this version of the game have new and unique high-quality sounds (.wav format) installed, so gameplay with this version of the game will be much more realistic, in this version of the game you will find all default game maps, like de_dust2, de_inferno and other.
CS 1.6 TPB BOTS - This version of the game have unique bots (virtual players) installed, these virtual players is more ,,smarter", in the game they can climb the ladder, jump out the window and perform many other actions of the previous versions of the virtual players failed to perform.
CS 1.6 TPB download - If you want to download this version of the game you must choose downloading method - Directly or using torrent file (if you want to download game using torrent file through torrent application). Download buttons is below this text.
CS 1.6 TPB gameplay Screen-Shots:
CS 1.6 TPB gameplay - HD models review, gameplay with galil rifle gun.
CS 1.6 TPB gameplay - Game version TPB gameplay in de_cbble map.

CS 1.6 TPB download button. CS 1.6 TPB torrent download tpb.